Vision 2030

Search Methodology

We go through five stages in our search process described below:


First, Analysis

We conduct in-depth understanding of the client’s business, culture and objectives.  Then we identify the skills and interpersonal characteristics required in a position.  As a result we develop a comprehensive position specification and job description as the roadmap to our search.  If we are provided with the position specification and job description like in your case, we tend to suggest, if needed, certain amendments and suggestions.


Second, Search Strategy

We customize the search criteria to meet our client’s needs.  This includes definition of geographic reach, nationality preferences, ways to search candidate, i.e., internal resources or via advertising, etc.  We draw candidates either from our in-house database, from the network of alliances, referrals from our business associates composed of over 70 executives in various industries.


Third, Candidate Screening

We do in-depth assessment of candidates against the specification we have defined and approved by our client.  In the screening process, we look for the hidden personal attributes to make sure we find the right match.


Fourth, Client Presentation and Interview

We submit the CVs of candidates with our evaluation based on the interview.  Then we seek the interest of the client on the candidates and if so, we arrange and facilitate the meeting for the client to interview the candidate. 


Fifth, Selection

We actively participate in the selection process. We do a reference check on candidates selected, which touches on the personality and professional strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.  We also verify some of the present information provided by the candidates, such as contractual details, certain accomplishments, reasons for leaving the current or last job, etc. We can also assist our client in the negotiation of the financial package if necessary, to reach to a package acceptable to both parties.